QmailAdmin written in PHP, for those who want to control Qmail+vpopmail directly from PHP.

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A clone of QmailAdmin that started as a prototype of version 1.3.0, and is provided as an example for anyone who wants to extend it.

Currently, this only works with direct calls to the extension. Once I get the system library uploaded, I will switch this to use the objects so it can be switched between data sources before I upload it. If you want the code now, email me: rwidmer (at)

Parts have been uploaded to CVS. Once it is all uploaded and somewhat working I'll put together a release.

Utilities: A collection of PHP functions that manage common structures on an email server, such as Black Holes, Catch All accounts, Forwards, Mini-lists, Lists, Mailboxes, Robots and Spam Traps. This uses either the Deamon Interface, or the PHP extension to do its work.

Daemon Interface: A php object that handles all the low level stream interaction to work with the vpopmaild daemon.

PHP Extension: A c extension to PHP that provides direct access to vpopmail from php, and a library similar to the Daemon interface that allows pMailAdmin to use either interface.

System Library: My way to handle HTML forms, tables and a few other things used in data intensive web sites.

©2004 - Rick Widmer
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